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Energy Conservation Success Stories


Cape Cod Times

The Cape Cod Times is a broadsheet newspaper that has been published since 1936, with a daily circulation of 49,439 as well as 56,708 on Sundays. The Times was looking for ways to not only save money in a tough time for newspapers, but also implement up-to-date green policies. By utilizing energy surveys and site reviews for its 71,000-square-foot production center in Hyannis, the Times was looking to help conserve energy, while saving money which in turn could be reinvested to keep with the changing fate of newspapers.

By capitalizing on incentive programs, the Cape Cod Times revamped their offices using a method of load shedding in which energy is conserved and used only where necessary. In turn, energy costs are lower because the company is only paying for the energy they use.

Over 600 lighting fixtures were retrofitted in a little over a week, providing better light to the employees while consuming less energy.

The initiative was considered a great success throughout the office. By successfully installing new light and ballasts, the Times also saved on the hidden cost that is manpower.

Aside from financial savings, there were several other positive results from this retro fitting. There was a noticeable boost in morale which led to a better quality of work. Essentially, a more welcoming light spurs more involvement which equals better work from top to bottom.

The reaction all around the Times has been nothing but positive and reinforcing why this was such a beneficial project. The fact that no one has to change a light bulb for almost 5 years, or that people are just generally happier and more productive, this project was surely successful.
In just one year under this retrofitting, the savings will pay for the entire cost of the project.


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