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Energy Conservation Success Stories



Many know of EF Education because of the 4-foot section of the Berlin Wall. A sight which stops many passerby’s in their tracks. To others, EF Education provides educational programs worldwide, which are offered through a network of schools. The North American headquarters a 200,000 sq. ft. facility in Cambridge, has been, and continues to be at the forefront of energy efficiency.

A comprehensive upgrade was designed by NorthEast-Eagle and their energy efficiency partner, which included major surgery on the HVAC systems. This upgrade converted the cooling system to individual air handling units on each floor, central plant chilled water, installation of electronically commutated motors in place of the inefficient fractional horsepower motors, and controllable ventilation air based on a building wide CO2 monitoring system.

The new energy management system is said to be very controllable and has the ability to change its own settings based on everything from occupancy rate, to the temperature both inside and outside of the building, to even daylight savings.

EF Education’s comprehensive energy efficiency treatment was an overwhelming success. While the corporation expected less than a 40% reduction due to the settings of the original system, after much tweaking and trial and error, EF is now experiencing almost 60% reduced energy consumption, including heating.

Aside from financial savings, there were several other positive results from this retro fitting. There was a noticeable boost in morale which led to a better quality of work. Essentially, a more welcoming light spurs more involvement which equals better work from top to bottom.


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