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Energy Conservation Success Stories


Holliston Public School

The Town of Holliston has a public school system which serves students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Schools in the district include two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. Public schools include: Sam Placentino Elementary School, Fred W. Miller Elementary School, Robert H. Adams Middle School, and Holliston High School.

The district decided to actively participate in the conservation of energy and take advantage of its consequential economic gain by utilizing the knowledge of NorthEast-Eagle and their energy efficiency partner. The energy director within the district recognized that one of the major sources of energy waste was lighting throughout the local high school and the high school’s multi-purpose field house. The district was looking to help conserve energy, save money which could in turn be allocated throughout the schools, and maintain a well lit environment for everyone in the community.

The field house was the first conversion project to take place. The original lighting fixtures were originally installed in 2001. While the lights were still considered relatively modern and efficient, the light produced was not. Of the 96 original fixtures, NorthEast Eagle was able to eliminate 24. In addition to the reduction of fixtures, the old 400W lights were replaced with cheaper 180W lights.

The high school was a bit more complicated. Over the course of a month, the old T8 lights were replaced with Super T8’s, light sensors were installed within the courtyard to shine when the amount of natural light was minimal, and the motors within the heating system were converted to variable speed motors for when the amount of power varied.

The initiative was considered a great success throughout the company. By successfully installing the new lights, occupancy sensors and the new motors, The Holliston School District has reduced their energy consumption by 15%.


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