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Energy Conservation Success Stories


JB Sash & Door Co.

JB Sash and Door Company is one of New England's finest retailers of doors, windows, skylights and custom millwork. Their state of the art showrooms provide a pleasant atmosphere in which potential consumers are able to view and educate themselves on the many fine products available at J.B. Sash. As one would assume, this space needs to be extremely well lit at all times. JB Sash was looking to help conserve energy, save money, and maintain a well lit showroom all at the same time.

JB Sash employed the help of NorthEast and their energy efficiency partner to convert their energy consuming Chelsea showroom, into an energy conserving showroom in a short amount of time. The process involved a complete lighting retrofit in addition to changing all fixtures.

The initiative was considered a great success throughout the company. By successfully installing new light and fixtures, the JB Sash would reduce their energy consumption on a yearly basis, in addition to replacing and maintaining traditional showroom lights. The company saves almost $12,000 annually on just this one showroom.

Aside from financial savings, there were several other positive results from this retro fitting. There was a noticeable boost in the morale of the staff which in turn raised production. Essentially, a more welcoming light spurs more involvement which equals better work from top to bottom, from the sales staff to the support staff.


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