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Energy Conservation Success Stories


Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College (RIC) is located on a 180-acre campus in the Mount Pleasant section of Providence. After undergoing expansion in recent decades at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the college now serves approximately 9,000 students in courses and programs both on and off campus.

In 2009, RIC decided to actively participate in the conservation of energy and take advantage of its consequential economic gain. The engineers at the college recognized that one of the major sources of energy waste was lighting left on in unoccupied areas throughout the day.

The Government Documents section of the James P. Adams Library is a rarely used portion of the library in which lights would remain on throughout the day, regardless of the amount of traffic passing through. RIC employed the help of NorthEast and their energy efficiency partner to install 18 rows of lights as a pilot project for the library, in addition to occupancy sensors. Since this particular section of the library receives very little foot traffic, the lights were scheduled to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Before the lights and sensors were installed, the lights at the Government Documents section James P. Adams Library were turned on and off through a master control panel. Lighting would remain on throughout library hours, roughly 14 hours per day, regardless of how much time each space was actually occupied.

Due to the project still being in its infancy stage, it is too early to tell how much of a difference the modifications have made. But if considered a success, RIC will employ the same application throughout the library in an effort to conserve even more energy and save more money.


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