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Energy Conservation Success Stories


Smithfield Public Schools

The Smithfield Public School System is comprised of six schools throughout the district: one high school, Smithfield High School; one middle school, Vincent J. Gallagher Middle School; as well as four elementary schools, Anna M. McCabe, Raymond C. Laperche, Old County Road School, and William Winsor Memorial School.

The district decided to actively participate in the conservation of energy and take advantage of its consequential economic gain. The energy director within the district recognized that one of the major sources of energy waste was lighting throughout the six schools. The district was looking to help conserve energy, save money which could in turn be allocated throughout the schools, and maintain a well lit school environment for both the students and faculty.

The school system employed the help of NorthEast-Eagle and their energy efficiency partner to retrofit the lights and utilize occupancy sensors in Smithfield High School.

The high school was the most involved of the projects. With the addition of 500 new lighting fixtures and the elimination of many older, energy consuming fixtures, expectations were high. As it turns out, the work and planning was well worth it. Annual savings are now $20,000, money which can now be allocated to school books, school supplies, furniture, computers, etc. Teachers have even “complained” that the new, energy conserving lights are too bright and do not use all of them at once. This is a complaint the district is proud of.

By achieving such fantastic results, the school district is now aggressively looking into other areas throughout the district in which they are capable of conserving energy and taking advantage of its consequential economic gain.


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